I’m a 49 year-old educator, mom, animal lover, and now, widow. A title I never thought I’d hold, nor want, but choice is not a part of that decision…so here I am.  I married the first time when I was very young-19- and that marriage lasted for 15 years, and we had two children, now 25 and 21. My divorce was a devastating loss and I experienced it like a death at the time. I was single for 8 years or so, believing I needed to devote myself to my kids and my career. I moved to a new place for a job and no support system and slowly built a beautiful life with friends who are like family and with a fulfilling career all while trying to do the best for my kids. And then I met Todd and my life changed dramatically. He brought love and light into my life. We moved in together and eventually married not quite two years ago. We had nearly 9 years together- not really very much in the grand scheme of life- and yet it seems like so much more. It feels like the defining relationship of my life and was so good and happy and so much fun, that it’s hard to understand why it had to end…and so this space… a place for me to hopefully try to come to some understanding and peace and carve a path into another future.


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